Global Learning Communities


Tier One

The GC attracts partners to share in the five to seven events produced each academic semester.  These two-hour events highlight global issues and cultures from around the world and are created exclusively in-house. The GC structures events around dynamic and engaging guest speakers who can communicate their first-hand knowledge about the issues at hand.  Often these speakers are located out of the country and are seamlessly transmitted to the classroom.

Our partners view the events and take part in the open forum period after the guest has delivered his/her message.  During the event, students from around the world are linked and shown on different screens in the lecture hall.  Educators can formulate lesson plans around the event or incorporate the event into an existing context.  Since these events are cross-disciplinary in nature and scope, they can easily be assimilated into many different venues.

Tier Two

The second tier elevates the first to a complete integration of education between two, or more, partner classes.  During this class, professors from each school would collaborate to create a common syllabus for their classes, use a common textbook, have identical tests and projects if desired, and teach in tandem to students who were connected via video teleconference for lectures.  Students are then encouraged (through simple dialogue and group learning projects) to expand upon their classroom learning and have cross-cultural experience via the internet.  The experience will culminate in student and professor exchanges.